Public Speaking Student Evaluations

Public Speaking at LaGuardia College:

Fall 2015:

“Best class I’ve taken all semester. I was never bored. The Professor was always very lively.”

“so glad I have you to be my professor, I found out I really enjoy public speaking.”

“Upon starting the class in the beginning of the semester I felt very apprehensive to do public speaking. Today, being the end of the semester, I can say that I feel adequately comfortable in delivering a speech. Through this class, I learned a lot about the essentials of public speaking, researching and writing, important terminology and a lot about myself. I enjoyed this class very much and I am truly grateful for having the undivided attention and great communication from my professor. I am truly grateful! Thank you.”

“This course was one of the best I took. I loved the way I was taught and how resourceful, organized and effective my professor is.”

“A professor I’ll never forget. I enjoyed the class a lot.”

“I am glad that I am taking this class with the assigned instructor because she is an excellent professor. She knows how to help students with the respective assignments.”

Spring 2015:

“I really liked this course and enjoyed it as well. I learned a lot from it and have expanded my public speaking skills. The professor was very good and this course has motivated me to do better speaking in public overall. Also the professor was very helpful, understanding and respectful to all students.”

“Amazing teacher. She knows her stuff and has a good pace when reading slides. Knows how to give very good feedback on speeches and attempts to help the student by giving them advice/tips.”

“I enjoyed this class because I met some wonderful people. The professor taught me a lot. I did not expect to really take anything away from this class but, I took away a lot and I learned a few things about myself. My professor was never boring and kept the class on our A game.”